PhD student in Network Science,
Northeastern University

I study surprise in complex systems. My research asks how complex systems are able to represent, predict, and intervene on their surroundings across a number of different scales—all in ways that minimize the surprisal experienced in the future. I use this approach to study a range of phenomena from decision making, to experimental design, to causation and emergence in networks. My dissertation is Toward a Teleology of Complex Networks, and in it, I ask why there appears to be apparent purpose or goal-directedness to the structure, dynamics, and behavior of networks. Do I believe that networks “want” things? Maybe. Do I think that posing the question in this way could be an important scientific tool to draw out new insights and conclusions about complex systems? You bet.

I received a BA in Cognitive Science and Psychology from Swarthmore College in 2014, where I studied the relationship between perception, action, and cognition.

Also I love art, and I make art under the pseudonym JK Rofling.

Other fun facts: